Garden trends for 2019

The love of geometric patterns continues to grow and will likely feature heavily on a clients’ wish-lists. Influenced by the renaissance of 1980s New Memphis style, this look one of two ways:

Playful – think pastels or primary colours, the choice is wide open.
Restrained and elegant – a more muted palette of whites and greens
Of course, the nature of this style means that these projects will underpin strong patterns and shapes. You can think about a symmetrical arrangement blooming out from a striking, central sculpture. Or perhaps a triangular section of wall painted in a contrasting colour.

Pleached Trees
Pleached trees are becoming highly desirable and they contribute beautifully to the whimsical and the imperious expressions of this one of our garden trends. Pleached trees, rows of clear stemmed trees, add privacy and create interesting divisions in an outdoor space. By snipping the foliage of each to approximately the same shape and size, you can create an illusion of an elevated hedge. This is architectural gardening at its most satisfying.

Finalise a structured look with cubist pots, terrariums (away from direct sunlight of course) and any ferns well-suited the garden’s climate. It’s a joy to contrast sharp angles with froths of crawlers. It pays to look slightly unchoreographed.

The next of the major garden trends, ‘Bohemian’, appears at first glance to be a sprawl of repurposed objects strewn with fairy-lights. But this approach is anything but accidental. It’s a soft riot of surprises, all carefully curated. A disused bicycle, painted and used as a trellis? Check. Millboard driftwood decking scattered with oversized Moroccan lamps and sheepskin throws? Definitely. Mirrors, rugs, gramophones and other ‘indoor’ paraphernalia? Of course!

This theme creates sanctuaries. Its characteristics lend themselves well to city roof terraces as well as expansive country gardens. All you need is a hammock, a tin of paint, some pots of plants and some great fabrics. Gardens in this style are thoroughly personal and it therefore pays to discuss everything in detail with your client. On the subject of lighting – solar has come a long way over the past few years and makes an ideal choice for a boho retreat. It’d be wise to consider this option for lighting up trees, pergolas and pathways.

Young Influence
Elsewhere, the insta-gardens of 2018 are still going strong. Next year there should be a reduction in unicorn themed garden accessories. We can hope to see a new focus on sculptural planting and unusual garden furniture instead. It appears that we are on the cusp of a big design shift as millennial pink’s reach is receding and fuchsia looks to replace it. The other major colour predictions for 2019 include spicy red tones, deep turquoise and indigo. All statement colours for the richest social media backdrops. Work these colours in against an otherwise monochrome scheme. Think white lilies, glass tables and Brushed Basalt decking.

Young adults are now responsible for 31% of houseplant sales and that trend is being reflected in outdoor spaces too. Edibles are also incredibly welcome within this theme and the more exotic the plant, the better. In fact, if one word could sum these gardens up it’s this: ‘competitive’.

Outside of these dominant design concepts, it looks hopeful that living walls are losing their caché. This is likely because they are near impossible to maintain, and adult treehouses are very much on the rise.

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